The Imitation Game

Anyone seen Hatta’s latest attraction? I’m sure I didn’t see this groovy sign advertising Dubai’s picturesque oasis when I went to Muscat in April. It’s corny, but I can’t help liking it! A friend quickly referred to it as “Hattawood” which is ironic because it has the same number of letters as Hollywood. There are even two ts in the same place as the two ls.

Hatta is clearly surging ahead and modernising beyond recognition. The pools were always the main reason to visit, but now there are cultural and heritage places to discover as well as several adventure companies. Whilst driving back on UAE National Day, you could see a queue beginning to build up indicating that festivities had been planned. Sadly, time constraints didn’t allow further investigation. I bet there are some fascinating stories to be told and recorded.

As much as I’d love it to happen, I can’t imagine we’ll need a Graffiti Wall dedicated to Hatta in the near future. Sharjah and Abu Dhabi are definitely on the cards but to activate them, we need a lot more of you kind folk securing your spot on the Dubai wall NOW and telling your story. Just saying. 🙂

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