Thankful to be in Dubai

For the past four years, Dubai has been called home. I can say that I have enjoyed the time here so far and look forward to the coming years ahead to continue to experience all that this city has to offer.

I moved here to work in one of the evangelical churches as their Pastor. Emirates Baptist Church International is my purpose for being here and by the nature of that work, I get to experience the vast multi-cultural setting this Emirates has to offer.

I have the joy of working daily with people from around 40 different countries. As great of a city that Dubai is… the people who make up this city… from the locals to the Expats the people has been my favorite part of this adventure.

Beyond the wonderful people is the many extravagant things Dubai is known for and there is more coming that will continue to keep Dubai on the map with reasons to visit.

The friends I have made have only added to the blessing of being in Dubai. Some of the finest and most gracious people… God has brought into my life.

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