The main reason for this project is to give people a space to tell their story about their contribution in building the places in which they have become a part, be it their own hometown, a place they have visited or a new place they have adopted as their own.

This is your chance to record the story of how you came to live/work/be where you are. We ALL have a story to tell, so please don’t be shy to write yours. That’s why we’ve got “Leave Your Mark” in our logo. Don’t just buy a space on the wall, tell us your story and share your legacy. We particularly want to hear from people and businesses who set up in Dubai before the 1970’s and helped make it the amazing city it is today.

Here are some examples to start you off; but please, write your own story in your own words. 300-500 words is ideal, and a picture is still worth a thousand words. If you prefer, you can send us your story as an mp4 movie or a soundbyte.

My Journey from the USA to Dubai – 

Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think I would live in the Middle East. Yet, here I am in Dubai. I would say it is the best place to live in the Middle East. I am a Career Pastor who always longed to serve internationally. The Middle East and Asia were the last […]

The UAE has been good to me

I came to Dubai in 1991 to work with the church as a volunteer and paid my way by performing as an entertainer. In those days my social network ranged from priests and pastors through to fire eaters and belly dancers. In Dubai, I found my calling as an Anglican priest and in addition to […]

50 years and counting

With lots of help from my nephew Daniel, who designed the very cool stickers and GIFs on this site, I thought I’d tell my story a little differently. 🙂 Sherry Infographic

My Life in Dubai (Part 3)

Having lived in Dubai for 30 years (in February ’18) one of the senses you get is that this city always finds a way out of each downturn. The Gulf War turned out to be a time of great opportunity. Being the Supermarket of the region, the whole of Kuwait and Iraq turned to the […]

Thankful to be in Dubai

For the past four years, Dubai has been called home. I can say that I have enjoyed the time here so far and look forward to the coming years ahead to continue to experience all that this city has to offer. I moved here to work in one of the evangelical churches as their Pastor. […]

Christmas in the desert

Dubai was just another name For somewhere here on earth, Until an invitation came To celebrate Christ’s birth. A Christmas in the Middle East Amidst the desert sands? How really different could it be From those in other lands? No scarves, no gloves, no fires, no snow, No frosted fingertips? No Christmas pudding, candles glow, […]

My Life in Dubai (Part 2)

After working in a large multinational business in India, joining a small firm with about 35 people in Dubai took some adjusting to. But sometimes life takes unexpected turns. As leading distributors of Japanese photographic films, we had a roaring trade. Due to some reasons, however, this business of photographic films had to suddenly be […]

Best decision ever

I came to Dubai, trailing my sister who was already settled here with her family. She, in turn, was just exhibiting a very Indian trait – that of cart loading their whole family to wherever they are settled. 🙂 After that initial first year through which I remained homesick and constantly wanting to go back […]

Eater’s Digest

Ah, Karama! It’s been home for us since 1990. Some of you may know that we were, for 25+ years, serving this community from a little hole in the wall on Kuwait Street – our old location – which we were loathed to move out of. But the landlord decided to demolish the building and […]

Dubai – My Story

My husband and I were introduced to Dubai back in 2002 and even now after several return visits, it still excites, invigorates and entices. It is a city that never stands still and is always striving for the new and original. We were fortunate to be guided through this first adventure by dear friends who were […]

Dubai – It Grows On You

Dubai, another dot on the map, another city on the fast lane trying to sell its promises, another home to its multi-textured residents. To me, Dubai is a person. A person I instantly disliked as an almost eight-year-old. Like many before them, my parents left all that they knew to make a better living for […]

A Day in Dubai

My wife and I visited Dubai for the day back in 2011 while staying with my auntie and uncle who lived in Abu Dhabi at the time. Our lasting impressions of Dubai are of a friendly and vibrant city. A place that mixes old and new very easily. We loved bartering with the shop owners […]

Desert Girl

Where do I begin … as the famous song goes! Born (before the UAE was formed) and brought up in Dubai, to a medium income family, that is to say, we were not expats! Although we were in many ways, choosing to leave our home country to work in another.

Slow and steady

What brought you to Dubai? I came to Dubai to earn more money to give good education to my sons, build a house and to give a secure life for my family. I am from Nirmal district in the southern state of Telangana. My parents had died when my sister and I were very young. […]

My Life in Dubai (Part 1)

“Have I really landed into a desert city?” I wondered seeing the rain pouring outside my office window. It was two weeks since moving from Delhi and boats plying on the roads in the inner streets of Karama came as a bit of a shock. It has not happened again since that time in February […]

Simpler days

I came to the UAE in August of 1987, 30 years ago. I’d never heard of Dubai or Abu Dhabi, neither had anyone in Belfast, where I’d been living and working. They all assumed I was going to Saudi Arabia. I was offered a job at Tawam Hospital, in Al Ain so I thought I’d […]

Jumping Over Hurdles

I first moved to Dubai in 2005. I’m originally from Egypt but by then I had been living in the GCC for almost 10 years. Back then, Dubai Marina was just a couple of buildings, and Jumeirah Beach Residence was nothing but a sign in Sufouh pointing to a direction that no one knew anything […]

Our Arabian Adventure

We moved to Dubai as a family back in 2002 to be with my husband who had been working in Abu Dhabi since 1998. An exciting adventure ahead, we packed up our house for a taste of Arabia!

Life In Dubai Since 2004

I came to Dubai for the first time in 2002 when I was working in Saudi Arabia. I and my colleagues used to come over for the weekend to take a break. I had fallen in love with the city, so much mystery and excitement! So when the opportunity came to move here permanently, I […]