Slow and steady

What brought you to Dubai?

I came to Dubai to earn more money to give good education to my sons, build a house and to give a secure life for my family. I am from Nirmal district in the southern state of Telangana. My parents had died when my sister and I were very young. We were brought up by my paternal grandmother, uncle and aunt. Our main source of income was agriculture.

How has it changed your life?

Dubai has certainly changed my life for the better. It’s now about 20 years since I have come to Dubai. I had worked in a private company for 12 years. After having saved enough money I decided to return despite my sponsor’s advice to stay back. I gradually constructed a two-bedroom house for a comfortable living. Eventually, I decided to return to Dubai as I liked the work culture here; it’s hard work but the fruit is rewarding. I was back in Dubai after 8 months with a new company visa and I’m happy working here.

What do you like most about being here?

Dubai has given me a good life. Sincere and hard work is appreciated here. I have not encountered any kind of challenging situations such as unnecessary interference, strikes and violence which are quite common in my home country. Generally, people are good and go about their own work. Dubai is a modern, peaceful and of course beautiful.

Name a favourite place (or places)

I have not visited any place other than Al Quoz labour accommodation where a friend from my hometown lives. I visit him once a year and I spend a few hours with him as I am busy with my work through the week. I like Al Karama where I live; it’s always bustling with activity and has a homely atmosphere.

Tell us a treasured memory or two

Once I had visited the Emirates Towers; it was a work-related trip. I was helping with arrangements for a wedding. A memorable visit indeed to one of the most beautiful and oldest landmarks of Dubai.

Any recommendations or must-dos?

I sincerely wish the blue-collar workers are exempt from visa fees. Most of them take loans to pay huge amounts to agents to come to Dubai. Some of them spend months without any job in spite of being promised by the agents of a job; for such, it becomes difficult to repay the debt.

Tell us your hope for the future

I have two sons who are graduates in accounting. I hope to see them employed here and lead comfortable lives; as it is difficult to find government jobs back home due to the corruption. Once they secure jobs here, I will return home and practice farming.

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