Last week, something incredibly amazing happened in Germantown, Tennessee close to Memphis. Christina Malone-Brown was born by C-section to two very proud parents on September 11th, at 9:11 am weighing 9lbs 11oz!!! What are the chances of that? One in a billion or more I should think. You couldn’t plan it if you tried! The doctor said she had never experienced anything like it in her 38 years of work. She kept saying, “Oh my goodness, I have a 9/11, 9/11, 9/11.”

Little Christina is already a celebrity, being waited on by staff at the hospital and making the international news. It isn’t just because she is born on the anniversary of the day “that will always live in infamy” (as George W Bush said), but because of the other two coincidences. Eighteen years on, with the world as we know it forever changed, it’s a bit of good news that really puts a smile on your face. Serendipity, there is always reason for so much hope. I’d love to know what becomes of Christina Malone-Brown when she comes of age and wish her and her family the very best.

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