Scratched out

So, we took friends to the Last Exit D89 yesterday; a sight to behold for all the unusual, cool things they have in the Yard and the incredible cars you see, but the Promise Bridge is where we lingered the longest and had the best time reading up on what people had left behind. Love locks have come to Dubai, and over here, they have a different spin on them as many spoke of the love between families.

The one above made us giggle… someone obviously had a change of heart and came back to reflect their new reality by scratching out the name of the person they once couldn’t live without. I guess the key had long been thrown into the pond, and a wrench is probably not something you could walk around with without raising a few eyebrows! Which made us all wonder, what really happened there. Wouldn’t we just love to know the story? It reminded me of the chorus of this song from the 1980’s.

And yes, I am dropping a big hint. We’d love to hear the story of what brought you to Dubai and how it changed things. 300-500 words with a picture (or two) will be perfect. 🙂

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