Royal Weddings

We’ve had a big weekend over here in Dubai. On 6th June, after the Eid Al Fitr holiday, three of our Ruler’s sons got married. One of them is our very eligible Crown Prince who will have broken more than a few hearts. The lead up to this date has been exciting. Sheikh Mohammed wrote a poem for the Princes. One palace in the Zabeel area has gorgeous lights on its extensive boundary walls, and we benefitted from a much longer than normal Eid break.

I know of a couple of friends who got invitations but I haven’t met up with them yet to get the low down. Fortunately, there are detailed news reports that I can share with you. This one from The National highlights the achievements of our Crown Prince. If you’d like to read more about what actually happens, this article will fill in some big gaps about Emirati weddings. And if you’re gripped with royal wedding fever, this article gives some background on events.

Seriously, if you found yourself as a guest at any of the receptions or events, please tell us what happened! We love first-hand accounts! And pictures. Just saying. This blog post also serves to record the practice of established companies placing ads in the local newspapers to send their greetings.

Till next time, keep finding ways to Leave Your Mark!

Sheikh Hamdan opening Innovation Week in 201

Sheikh Hamdan opens Innovation Week in 2018

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