Ramadan Kareem

Does anyone feel like time is speeding up? We’re already in the fifth month of 2019 and just a day before Ramadan begins! We are all looking forward to the shorter work days but not the traffic jams that inevitably ensue, often at the lowest point of the day. I hope the month goes well for all of us who observe it.

Some people find that the shorter day brings out the best in them. The reduced hours make them more motivated, focused and productive. There might even be a case for a permanent shorter workday, but that’s another story! It is definitely a good time to reflect on the legacy you are leaving.

The prayer and fasting that accompany Ramadan is an ideal time for people to reflect on the things that really matter. This often boils down to spending time with family and friends, often around a meal. I’m hoping to get to at least one Iftar over the next few weeks.

Here at The Graffiti Wall, we are really excited to offer our first ever promotion which will run for the entire month. Use the code “Ramadan” at checkout to get a free block, link and picture. And PLEASE, don’t keep it to yourself, tell all your friends too!

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