Our Arabian Adventure

We moved to Dubai as a family back in 2002 to be with my husband who had been working in Abu Dhabi since 1998. An exciting adventure ahead, we packed up our house for a taste of Arabia!

I gave up so much – my lovely home, friends, and a job, and although it took us all time to settle, we eventually could call it home! Dubai gave us so much, and I often reminded myself that although the city was growing at the rate of knots, it was keeping Alan in work as an engineer. We saw our family grow up, made friends with the most amazing people, visited 5-star luxury (which became quite normal), and travelled to neighbouring countries which we may never have explored if we lived elsewhere.

Today, Alan and I asked each other if we regretted the decision to move to the UAE, and we can honestly say NO. We had such happy times and made the most of everything. We saw the beautiful desert dunes, the magic of those starry nights whilst camping, the mountains, bathed in the Indian ocean, swam in the warm turquoise waters of the Gulf, saw various wildlife and took in the ever-changing city views. Dubai will always be close to my heart.

After fifteen years of living in the UAE, Jayne and Alan moved this year (2017) to take up a new job in Poland. I’m sure they will be itching to visit here again. ?

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