Before April 2019 comes to an end, I want to record, without naming any names, two milestones of friends. One celebrated her half-century and the other, his 60th. How cool! I was able to be at the 50th birthday celebration (hence the picture). As you can imagine, it was a very happy time lavishing presents and generally making the birthday girl feel very special!

It’s funny to think they are both older than the very young country we call home. The UAE will be 50 in 2021 and I want to be here when it happens. No doubt, no effort will be spared to ensure that everyone around at the time is aware of the huge milestone being marked. One has to marvel at how much has been achieved in such a short space of time. “Centuries of growth in decades” is what I use to tell my tour groups. The lights on Burj Khalifa will be on overdrive along with any other new landmarks we have by then!

So where do you plan to be on 2nd December 2021? If you’re not here, be sure to check the media for what the UAE does on that day. In the meantime, buy your spot on The Graffiti Wall, and tell us your Dubai/UAE story! Leave Your Mark.

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