Pictures and Hieroglyphics

I can’t stop noticing mankind’s inherent need to tell their story and thereby record history. A recent visit to Wafi Mall highlighted this so I took a picture of just one small section of one of the pyramid roofs. I don’t claim to be able to decode the entire message but some things are (almost) self-explanatory, especially when they are pictorial representations and not hieroglyphics! I wonder if the ancient Egyptians had any idea that 4,000 years on, we would be scratching our heads, deciphering what they carved on the walls or on tablets.

Which brings me to the reason for setting up The Graffiti Wall as a place where the stories of ordinary people, who live in any given city, can be recorded. Now is the time to leave memories that have value for generations to come.  There is an urgency about it. We really believe it is important, and it can all be simply done on our high-tech, environmentally friendly, digital wall – but preferably without hieroglyphics! 😉


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