The Project

The Graffiti Wall is a special space on the world wide web that gives individuals a place to leave their mark on where they live – where they can say “I was here”. We all want to be remembered and to have our place in history and this is the ideal platform for you to do it.

When you buy a block (or blocks) on our virtual wall, you’re associating yourself with the place you love, sharing your contribution, and connecting with others. We are starting off in Dubai as it is such a multi-cultural city with a very large percentage of the population coming from overseas. Having chosen to live and work here, you naturally have a story to tell of what brought you here and how your life have changed; but that doesn’t exclude the local indigenous population who too have a story to tell, and can share why they love their city and what makes it special to them. As with any space on a wall, The Graffiti Wall is open to anyone who wants to write on it!

The wall will be built up, one block at a time, enlightening others about Dubai’s social community, its businesses, and its history. Each persons’ block contributes something wonderful to Dubai and at the same time builds a whole community that can share and network through these social and business web links.

We are rolling out to other major cities around the world, to towns and villages as well, building unique communities as we go along.





Each block is 10 pixels wide and 10 pixels long and costs $1 to buy. There are a total of 100,000 blocks per city, and yes, more than one block can be purchased – up to a maximum of 49. Included in the $1 purchase, is a strapline which will show when you hover your mouse over the block.

For an additional $2, you can add your own logo and provide a link to your web page, blog or business. If you don’t have a website or blog to link to or a logo or picture to upload, then for 50 cents you can buy one of our generic stickers. View Stickers Here

This additional feature provides a wonderful opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners to share fascinating stories of how their enterprising journey began, and how they have added a unique and powerful contribution to the financial, social and economic growth of this ever-changing city.

Blocks stay active for one year unless you opt at the start to sign up for longer. Either way, we will send you a reminder when the time for renewal comes and you will have the option to stay on The Graffiti Wall or the space will be released for someone else to tell their story.

Are you ready to build a piece of the wall and be part of your city's story?