Graffiti ain’t what it used to be

Graffiti ain’t what it used to be, in fact, it’s not even called graffiti anymore, it’s now called “street art”, and Dubai has been embracing it wholesale. Drive down Jumeirah (Beach) Road with the family now and you can have a great time spotting the art on various houses. I had to do two U-turns to come back to capture the picture above (ably taken by Geraldine – the co-owner of this website). She liked it because it was 3D. The bicycle is real and firmly attached to the wall; the two little boys are firmly painted on the wall!

It’s clear that the art on Beach Road depicts scenes from a bygone era – the older generation happily hinting at what life was like during their childhood. Karama and 2nd December Street have got art to spot as well. Methinks Dubai Municipality have got their own Banksy to brighten up the streets. I’ve seen grand examples of street art in The [email protected] though it’s on a completely different scale there! As for “Kilroy was here”, most young people I speak to haven’t got a clue about that iconic graffiti from WWII! I definitely want to leave a bit of “Sherry was here” graffiti somewhere close to where I live!

Has street art appeared in an area near you? Has someone left their calling card on the building next door? It comes down to people’s inherent need to express themselves and to be remembered. Send us a picture on [email protected] or better still, post one in a comment. Till next time, Leave Your Mark.

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  1. I have seen these on Jumeirah Beach Road. They are very nice and make the place more interesting. I have no idea how many there are though.

    • That’s awesome, maybe you can share your favourite one with us here? 🙂

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