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February is a very busy month! We’ve just seen the end of the Jazz (!!??) Festival and now, the famed Food Festival begins. The reason for the exclamation and question marks for the Jazz Festival is because I am not aware yet, of a single jazz musician or band headlining the event, so why it is called a Jazz Festival is still a mystery. The Food Festival, however, stays true to its name.

I am hoping to do at least two things this year related to the Food Festival. When it first started, I loved the Beach Canteens and the whole concept of showcasing local food start-ups. I hope you get to experience some of it in 2019. What a brilliant idea it is. You can’t go wrong with food and having it at the end of the Gulf Food exhibition is PERFECT!

So, whilst thinking of what to write for the next blog post, my thoughts turned to hummus. This middle eastern staple is now loved and cherished all over the world. Yep, hummus has made it into the hearts of people in the West. It is one of those precious things, like bread, that everyone has an opinion about and a favourite. When trying out a new restaurant, the hummus is often what will decide whether you go back or not. The chefs in the kitchen will have their own recipes or might have modified their mum’s recipe… whatever, it is the hummus one tries first when the food arrives on the table, and it sets the tone for the rest of the meal.

I have had good ones, mediocre ones, ones I forget instantly (except to remember not to go back for more) and then the occasional amazing one. You might agree that one rarely forgets where they had a delicious hummus.

I think there is a parallel between all the varieties of hummus and telling one’s story. Every single personal account is special but how one tells it or presents it makes all the difference. Over the last few months, we have been encouraging people to record the reason why they chose to leave everything familiar to them and swap it to live in Dubai. I think 99% of the time, the reason will be the same; it’s just the why’s and how’s that will be different, and that’s what gives it value. And given our multi-media digital age, there are so many options of how to tell your story. You can write it, speak it, draw it, send us a movie clip – whatever… Our system can handle it!

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