What is the actual size of a block?

We can’t give you this dimension in millimetres because depending on the screen resolution of the device you are using, the size of the block on any given screen will be different. Each block is 10 pixels wide and 10 pixels high, so will show as that size relative to the resolution of your screen.

Can I choose the spot for the block(s) I purchase?

Due to screen resolutions changing the way the grid looks on each screen, we have to work on a “first come, first served” basis, so your block(s) will be placed in sequence i.e. adjacent to the last one purchased.

How come we have to pay to be on The Graffiti Wall?

It’s great getting things for free (and we offer freebies), but there’s nothing like putting your money down to own something. This is why we charge people to buy their spot right from the start, albeit a very nominal amount.

The price seems pretty low. How come?

We want The Graffiti Wall to be accessible to everybody. We really mean that. Starting from $1, even the labourer and taxi driver can share of their love for the city they live in and tell their stories.

What happens after a year?

Your $1 block is available to you for one year from the time you buy it. Unless you choose to have it for a longer time (see Pricing), the block will expire, and you will either need to renew it or lose it.

Can I buy a spot on more than one (city) wall?

Yes you can. You can sign up on as many city walls as you like – whether you’ve just visited a place and adore it, or have studied somewhere, or worked for a short time. At the moment, we have set a limit to a maximum of 10 blocks per purchase. Please contact us if you wish to purchase more space or have your own “sponsored” page.

Why sign up on this wall? Aren’t there other websites that are the same?

The Graffiti Wall is a unique space on the web dedicated to a specific city for people to collectively share their stories to create an archive. As it is location based, once populated with real peoples’ real stories, it will be a good indicator of the pulse of any given city.