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Ah, Karama! It’s been home for us since 1990. Some of you may know that we were, for 25+ years, serving this community from a little hole in the wall on Kuwait Street – our old location – which we were loathed to move out of. But the landlord decided to demolish the building and so gave all of us tenants the heave-ho. So here we are in the Wasl Aqua building, Street 39, Al Karama – and the word on the street is that it was about time too!

But while our physical location has changed, I hope you don’t find too much else has. Let’s see: Our phone numbers are still the same. Our kitchen equipment, good grief, is still the same – albeit with a few minor additions. Our chef Baptist Pereira – still going strong and churning out Pereira’s Paprika Chicken and his other specials by the bucketful. Ably assisted by our joker in the pack, Ronnie Nazareth, meat-only Meraj, and the strong silent Mustafa Koolath. And then there are the brothers Baniqued: the multi-talented (not necessarily given to multi-tasking though) cafe manager Rolando and younger brother, delivery chief Hector, serious on the outside but always ready for a gag. And of course the queen of them all – Gladerine, a recent addition to our small family!

But hey, hold on – some things have changed. And how! We have a significantly larger kitchen, with, believe it or not, a separate washing area. Indoor seating for 30. Yes, yes, seating for Three Zero. And even our very own toilet!

Then there are assorted games for you to play while you wait for your food. (Strategic move this – to stop you from complaining, when your food is delayed). A big tip box. Actually a really big tip box, with a public service message to boot. A cabinet with assorted stuff that you can take home for free. And of course, our brand new, long overdue for a price increase, meenu. Oops sorry prah ji: menu.

You know what they say: ‘the more things change the more they stay the same’ – our gratitude for God’s many big and small blessings in our lives remains unchanged. As does my gratitude to you, for your willingness to put your mouth – where our money is!

So if you like what we are doing and how we are doing it, tell a friend. Better still, bring him or her along! (Even better still: him and her and several others).

If you don’t: complaints (in triplicate) may be sent to: [email protected] If for some inexplicable reason, you are unable to get through, call moi.

And on that helpful note, I will say g’bye for now.

Till the next price change then!

Peter Souri Raj
050 658 3886
[email protected]

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