Dubai witnessed some huge celebrations last night to kick-off the countdown to 2020. Just one more year before it welcomes an estimated 25 million visitors over six months. For some, 20/10/2020 can’t come soon enough. Others will be working at a frenetic pace to deliver on promises made years ago!

I’ve never been to a World Expo so it’s all very interesting for me to watch everything taking shape. Having said that, I’ve yet to visit the site and see what marvellous things have sprung out of the desert sand! Currently, I can’t even say for sure that I will be here, such is the uncertainty of life in Dubai these days, but that’s another story! Truly, I wouldn’t want to miss the experience to participate or to watch my home town be host to such an amazing event. I still remember Expo Centre Sharjah from my early school days!

If Geraldine (the co-owner of this site) was writing this blog post, she would quote lots of facts and figures about Expo 2020. I’ll let her do that in a separate post. I wonder about the incredible stories of organising an event on this scale – hundreds and thousands of them. I sure hope we capture some on The Graffiti Wall. Are you involved in delivering 2020? Please tell us of the part you played. I was watching the NatGeo programme “Confucius was a Foodie” earlier and in it, Christine Cushing said, “History belongs to those who write it down.” I couldn’t have put it better myself.

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PS. I must credit Arabian Business with the image used for this post.

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