Christmas in the desert

Dubai was just another name
For somewhere here on earth,
Until an invitation came
To celebrate Christ’s birth.

A Christmas in the Middle East
Amidst the desert sands?
How really different could it be
From those in other lands?

No scarves, no gloves, no fires, no snow,
No frosted fingertips?
No Christmas pudding, candles glow,
Or mulled red wine to sip?

My muddled thoughts he must have read
For the Captain gave the call,
“We’re landing soon, mind the overhead,
Merry Christmas, one and all.”

Then through the darkness of the night
A beam shone from afar,
A straggled string of twinkling lights
Like a million newborn stars.

Dubai was just another name
Of somewhere here on earth,
Until I spent a Christmas here
And came to know its worth.

Those muddled thoughts I’ll rearrange
And share them one by one,
How easily perceptions change
When all is said and done.

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