Celebrating IWD

It seems like ages since we’ve communicated with the community, but then I remembered that our Newsletter No. 3 went out at the end of February. We are now well into March and I love it for all its activities. International Women’s Day is now well and truly established here with several businesses offering women something special. It’s just occurred to me that TGW can do the same! Something like a  10% discount when ladies sign up in March! I shall have a word with the developer and ask him to create a code. We can certainly be more prepared for next year.

A special annual event which I’ve attended for years also happens in March – The Women’s World Day of Prayer – now just called the World Day of Prayer. This year, I was involved in organising the Dubai service which took place on 9th March, and that’s where my picture is from. A country is chosen; then, the women of that country put the content together so everywhere else around the world where the service is held, people get to hear about the lives and challenges of the women of the chosen country. The service includes songs, personal accounts and prayer points. Last year it was Suriname; this year, Slovenia; next year it’s going to be Zimbabwe. I can’t wait! The ladies could never imagine how far reaching their stories are and how they resonate with other women around the globe. (The same as when you tell your story here on The Graffiti Wall – just saying!)

There are other exciting things in the offing, but we’d rather hear about them for you. Please don’t feel shy to interact with us and tell us what’s happening in your neck of the woods. Until next time, have a fabulous March!

PS. A code has been set up! (We’re that quick). Here is the offer: 15% on a minimum spend of $7 using the code IWD2019, valid up to 30th March. 🙂

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