Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It would be hard not to know by now that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM for short). Here in Dubai, Bur Juman Shopping Mall led the way to create awareness by organising the Pink Walk. I have to admit, for the longest time, it all went over my head, until 2012 when my friend (and co-owner of this website) was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Long story short, the tumour was caught at a very early stage so after an operation, chemo and then radiotherapy, she has had the all-clear now for seven years. There has been so much progress made in treating this disease, that it is considered one of the most treatable cancers if caught in its early stages. More amazingly still, the doctor talked about eradicating it, not just managing it like so many other chronic conditions out there.

How does all this tie in with The Graffiti Wall and leaving your mark?  Everything really. There’s a personal story, the impact of one person’s life in their community (Geraldine is a special needs teacher), the skilled consultant who has healed so many ladies in their fight against breast cancer, the huge strides made in research over the last few years to combat the disease; I could go on. If you drive around Dubai and see buildings lit up in pink, that’s the legacy of the consultant who also set up the first breast cancer support group – Breast Cancer Arabia. There you go. Another bit of Dubai’s history written down. 🙂

Whilst we’re talking about BCAM, could I ask you please to click on this link to help donate free mammograms for those in need? Thank you!

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  1. So many brave people have passed through this challenge in life. Hopefully, we will be able to conquer this horrible disease soon. My mother is also a cancer survivor and fortunately, she was given the all-clear as well. Hoping for a positive outcome for everyone with this disease.

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