Best decision ever

I came to Dubai, trailing my sister who was already settled here with her family. She, in turn, was just exhibiting a very Indian trait – that of cart loading their whole family to wherever they are settled. 🙂

After that initial first year through which I remained homesick and constantly wanting to go back (my family including my toddler son were back home then, and I had given up a very promising and lucrative job), there was no looking back. Gradually and before I could realize it, I had actually embraced and fallen in love with everything that Dubai embodies for me today –

– Absolute safety and the accompanying freedom (I, a young lady, could come back home unaccompanied, at 2 or 3 am, with no fear)
– a very progressive and ‘mind your own business’ society (in sharp contrast to mine)
– a cultural melting pot – after 20 odd years, I still get excited when I venture across a nationality I have never met before
– broadening my mindset and horizons in a million different ways – Fortune 500 company job opportunities, networking/social events, art/cultural enhancement gateways, religious freedom, a myriad variety of cuisines, the list goes on
– and last but not least, the absolute ‘latest’ in everything – be it in IT, mobile phones and other gadgets, movies, theme parks and skyscrapers, cars and bikes…

The biggest compliment to you Dubai comes when my son, the other day, thanked me for the difficult (I thought then) decision I made, of setting up our lives here… we love you!

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