A Day in Dubai

My wife and I visited Dubai for the day back in 2011 while staying with my auntie and uncle who lived in Abu Dhabi at the time. Our lasting impressions of Dubai are of a friendly and vibrant city. A place that mixes old and new very easily.

We loved bartering with the shop owners at Al Karama, surprising herb and spice vendors in the markets with our knowledge of their product and feeling very proud to jump on a local bus between areas rather than the standard tourist taxi without getting lost (pre Google map days too!).

Despite a busy day of exploring it was an easy and fun day in an amazing city. Definitely a unique place that despite only being part of for 12 hours has continued to hold a special place in our heart many years later!

On a humorous note, we also learnt that my wife’s choice of green and white striped polo shirt meant she was forever referred to as ‘ah Glasgow Celtic!’ Whoops!

Another random story that happened in Karama was behind the till in one shop was a Cove Rangers calendar. This is a tiny local football team near where Jen grew up. We asked him how he got that calendar. He said he once had a girlfriend that was from there. He wasn’t with her anymore but he still supported Cove Rangers! Small world.


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